Saturday, July 31, 2010

True Stories

The following has all happened WHILE I AM TRYING TO TAKE A SHOWER!

1. Abby comes in the bathroom to use the toilet. I tell her to go in the other bathroom. She says she can't because Andrew locked that door. Okay, first I really don't want someone pooping in the room where I am trying to get clean. Second, she did not mention that Andrew had locked himself in the bathroom. Thank goodness the light was on in there and the toilet seat was down.

2. At least one and usually both of them come in while I am in the shower to inform me they'd like something to drink. Because, sure, I'll hop out of the shower dripping wet with shampoo in my hair to go to the kitchen and pour you something.

3. It never fails---they are always either both engaged in something different and leaving each other alone or playing nicely together when I sneak away to take a shower. But the minute that water turns on it's "Mom! Andrew took such-and-such away from me" or "Mama! Abby!" (meaning Abby did something he did not like). I really don't care kids. Let me please wash my hair!

4. Abby comes in to tell me she has tried to get something out of the fridge and accidentally knocked something over and now it is spilled everywhere. Okay, that's worth telling me about. But could you just be patient and wait for me to get out before you get something in the kitchen? And didn't I specifically tell you NOT to even go in there and to keep the gate locked? Because of course since the gate is open Andrew went upstairs and is wreaking havoc in your room, dear!

I should really get my rear out of bed and take a shower before they get up.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Brutally Honest Bible Stories?

So we have been busy lately. I have really been trying to get ahead in my planning for the class I teach at church for kids with special needs (Sparrows). I've been working on a unit about King David. I was telling a friend I thought I'd just avoid the whole Bathsheba thing. Then I started imagining telling that story to my class. And laughing. Rick and our friend Derik used to joke about starting a line of "Brutally Honest Greeting Cards". For example, a birthday card might say, "It's your birthday. You're older, fatter, and balder. Have a good one". So what about Brutally Honest Bible Stories? It might go something like this...

"Kids, Bathsheba was naked on the roof. David saw her. I want to teach you a new vocabulary word. Lust. And here's another one...premeditated murder."

Somehow I think that would not go over well with the parents.

But here is a brutally honest Bible truth I could share with them. David made bad mistakes. Really bad. But he served a merciful God and when he asked for forgiveness, it was granted. God took a flawed man and used him for His glory. He can do it for you, too.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vacation Bible School

Last week was Vacation Bible School at our church. Our theme was Joseph: From Prison to Palace. Abby had a great time in "Egypt". Andrew did, too. He loved his little class. I had a fun week with 6 sweet little babies.